Here I am on my first morning in my Host Mom’s house. Yesterday I was picked up from the language camp by my second host family, Mikko and Pirjo Torala and their daughter Eini who lives in another city for University. Eini has perfect English because she was on exchange in the states but Mikko and Pirjo don’t know too much so I need to get cracking on my Finnish studies. We had a 2-3 hour drive to Helsinki through forests all the way. Even when we got to Helsinki I didn’t realize at first because we still seemed to be in a forest. Before going to Merja’s (first host mom) we stopped by the house that Mikko has been building for them. It is in a new neighborhood where all the houses are in a traditional Finnish style. It’s going to be the most idyllic little neighborhood when it’s done.

Then I went to Merja’s house which is also in a nice neighborhood full of trees (I should have know at this point). She lives in just a one level house with only the essential rooms, and a sauna of course. She has a dog named Felize (Felizay – is kinda how it’s pronouced, a bit odd) who is very nice but also has separation anxiety and will destroy everything if left alone. So I need to be careful if I want my things safe. Otherwise it is great here so far.

One odd thing that I’ve noticed here in Finland is in regards to potatoes. All week long at the camp we had them with every meal, and they were always peeled. However, on the last day when we ate lunch with our host families, they had the skin on. Everyone in my host family immediately peeled their potatoes. It seems that they just don’t like the skin.


~ by end720 on August 12, 2012.

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