First-ish Day of School

Today was kinda’ the first day of school here. Not really classes starting (my English has gone all funny, bear with me), but it was something first-ish and I was there. The school is called Kallion Lukio and it is quite an artsy, musical school. There are ~500 students there and I’d say that over a third of them are girls (I was just reading over my old posts and realized this was wrong, over 2/3rds of the students are girls). It’s outta’ control, I was worried at first that I was accidentally in a girls school. I got my timetable and met all kinds of people (and then promptly forgot everyone’s names. Oops!) So I guess for the first couple of semesters (there are 5) I will be in art, theatre, music, P.E. and ESL because those are really easy for silly people like me who don’t speak Finnish. Oh, and did I mention that there is a prom thingy in February. Guess who got asked twice on the first day? Yep, no biggie. (It’s obviously because I am devastatingly handsome and not due to the fact that there aren’t many guys to go around.)

Well, enough feeding my ego.



~ by end720 on August 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “First-ish Day of School”

  1. Did you mean that 2/3 of the students were girls? Or that more than half the students were girls? Just wondering.

  2. Bahahaha… Yup, NO huge deal about getting asked by two girls for a winter prom ALREADY on your first-ish day at school… (*cough..sar..*cough..casm)

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