Schoolin’ Classes

I’ve been to each one of my classes all up in the school at least once now. Here’s the low-down.

Music is the best class. The classroom has probably 20 guitars hanging on the walls, which is awesome. The teacher is a really cool guy and he really makes the class fun. Plus, music is the universal language, so it doesn’t matter that I hardly know Finnish yet.

Then I have two English classes. In the one we went in pairs and spent the class basically just talking to each other in English. The other one we did a practice test already because everyone in the class is getting ready for their matriculation test. So basically we put on headphones, listened to absurdly staged interviews and answered obtuse questions about what we heard. Even though it was all in English I found this tricky, the questions were simply too out of control.

I am also in theatre. So far nothing has happened, but I guess it should be fun. There will also be some sort of gymnastics type things and whatnot included in this.

Art is in another building of the school just across the street. I met some nice people right away in this class, so that was good. We did a project wherein we sculpted clay with our eyes closed into something which represented us. I made a sort of explosion thing which represented my head after all the Finnish I had been hearing.

And finally gym. Woohoo. I guess it should be fun, but I had to go out and buy shorts this afternoon because I really wasn’t expecting to be taking it.

So that’s my super duper school experience so far. Peace out mine blog readers!






~ by end720 on August 15, 2012.

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  1. Saxaphones?

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