Helsinki Night of the Arts

I walked around Helsinki with some other exchange students during the Night of the Arts. We didn’t see much art, and I only took a couple pictures, but here you go.

These lovely gentlemen were creating some beautiful music… err noise (I quite enjoyed it personally)

Then there was this guy who was simply too cool notto photograph. He has a robe and a drinking horn. How cool is that? (Very)

The most exciting thing was the massive domino line. It weaved it’s way all through Helsinki. Naturally I wreaked havoc upon the poor unsuspecting art installation.

(It was already tipped over, for safety until the real event started. The event itself was a bit of a letdown really. It was too crowed and we got to see about ten stones topple by before it continued on it’s way. Oh well.)

So fun was had, and dominoes were tipped in a safe, if not altogether timely, fashion.

You may be wondering, is he lying about the friends? Is he actually all by himself? Well, I’m afraid I was not alone, although it would have been favorable to being in the company of these amazing people.

Kristian from Germany, Kate from Alaska, Dylan from Canada eh (sorry), and Vivian from Taiwan.


~ by end720 on August 24, 2012.

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