I’ve been here over a month now, it’s really crazy to think how much time has passed already without my hardly knowing it. I’ve just been doing everyday things, going to school, not going to school, laying around being lazy, etc. but with some notable exceptions of course. I spend tonnes of time hanging out with my fellow exchange students here in Helsinki and we’ve certainly had some fun times together. Sometime last week I went ten pin bowling for the first time, and was naturally very good at it.

One of the most fun days yet was when I went to Linnanmäki, Helsinki’s amusement park. My fellow Canadian and Albertan, Rae had free tickets because her host dad’s company was having an event. Now, as many people have let me know, Linnanmäki is not a very big amusement park. These are the people however who have been to places other than Callaway Park, and believe me when I say, Linnanmäki is many, many times bigger and better then that. I instantly scared myself half to death by going on Raketti (The Rocket) which shoots you straight up and drops you straight back down again at high speeds, and then on Ukko (thunder god) which looks like this. (Pic is actually a ride in Germany somewhere, but Ukko looks the exact same except yellow).

Then just last night there was a fireworks competition, so a group of us headed out to see that. Despite the huge crowed it was still easy to see the magnificent fireworks. Each show was about six minutes with breaks in between and we left after just three, however I think they carried on for some time. I managed to get some decent photos of them so enjoy. Until next time, hyvää paiva!

Keep in mind that you can click images for a larger view.


~ by end720 on September 7, 2012.

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