Lovely Photos Kaksi (2)

All-righty then! Your patience has not gone unnoticed my slavering fans. Photos are finally here for you to enjoy. Maybe someday I’ll write a big post about all the neat things that have happened, but until then it’s look and not read.

Some Helsinki cityscape.

The Church in the Rock, beautiful, like me!

Goodbye Helsinki! As I took a ferry to Suomenlinna island.

There are multitudes of street musicians beautifying the soundscape of Helsinki. This guy took the cake though because of his hat.

(and he wouldn’t give the cake back either, bully)

The joys of an open air market. Quoth the raven “These potatoes are overpriced.”



~ by end720 on September 19, 2012.

5 Responses to “Lovely Photos Kaksi (2)”

  1. I am seriously impressed of your awesome writing! You ever thought of becoming an author? We have to meet soon again to do crazy stuff in Helsinki and see how the shy finish people start laughing at us 😀

  2. What is on Suomenlina Island?
    Nice church!

    • Suomenlinna was an old fortress, so nowadays it is part museum, part park and part residential area. I didn’t get any good photos of it on my trip, but I can go back any time because it’s very close.

  3. Awsome photos! looks like an amazing place! Love your writing!!

  4. Drooling acolytes?

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