It’s About Bloody Time!

I have just received what may be the most important piece of mail in my whole life. No, it is not 10 million dollars. What I received is in fact rather more important than that, it is my Finnish residence permit! I was unable to apply for it way back when I was in Canada because frankly, Ottawa is too far away and is hardly worth the time of a proud Albertian like me (hardy-har-har). So I applied for my residence permit upon arrival in Finland. I was fine without one until October 30th, at which point I would be deported to Canada. I applied for this silly piece of plastic over a month ago and have been waiting anxiously for it ever since (I actually completely forgot about it most of the time). It certainly is a relief to know that I am not an illegal alien anymore.

So to those of you wishing that I would be arrested by the Finnish police and deported to Canada for daring to live in Finland without a permit: Too bad! I’m here to stay. (Also, you are evil, heartless people. I hope you live in a suitably awful place.)


~ by end720 on September 29, 2012.

One Response to “It’s About Bloody Time!”

  1. A relief, is right! You think you would have been shocked to be deported back to Canada – how do you think the traveling circus family we’ve rented your bedroom to would feel?!! (by the way, how do you get monkey feces off a Mac keyboard?)

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