Good day minions. I have recently taken up the noble sport of climbing. My friend Kristian from Germany and I muddled our way through a belaying test, so we more or less have no idea what we’re doing when it comes to safety. I kid, when you are climbing on Europe’s highest wall, you’ve gotta’ have some faint idea what you’re doing, and we have just that, a very faint idea.

You did hear (or read, I suppose) me right. Helsinki is home of Europe’s tallest climbing wall, at a whopping 30 metres high it is nothing compared to the majestic mountains that some climb. True men however, remain inside whilst getting their adrenaline rush. As well as having the tallest wall, this climbing hall features many smaller walls to climb, so we have no shortage of terrain to explore. Unfortunately we do not yet have the skill required to climb the wall’s full 30 metres, there are top ropes going 15-20m up the wall, but to reach the very top one must lead climb, which is a tad more risky and requires a more skilled belayer than either of us.

That’s me in the blue, part way up the 30m wall. The top of the rope I’m climbing is about where the other person is.




~ by end720 on September 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Climbing”

  1. Dylan, we love your blog. It’s great to read your humble machinations.
    Love, Gran and me.

  2. Your humble minions anxiously await their noble overlord’s latest exploits.
    Yer regular correspondents simply wonder where the hell you’ve got to? Did ya fall of the wall…….?

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