It’s been almost a month since I graced the pages of this blog with my beautiful prose and exquisite photography. Fret not though, for I am returned! Today was a particularly exciting day because the weather here finally got it together and dumped some snow on Helsinki instead of all that pesky rain. I imagine some of the exchange students from more tropical areas of the world are having a surreal time seeing and touching snow for the first time in their lives, I’m just happy that Canada wasn’t hogging all the snow.

I’ve been to two concerts this month, both of which were absolutely fantastic, but probably of no interest to any of you because you have poor taste in music (I’m kidding. They ought to have a font that denotes sarcasm). I will tell you about them anyway. Firstly I saw the Swedish band Entombed. I’d never actually listened to their music before, but I was sure they would put on a great show. It turns out I was right. That was the finest concert I have ever attended. The other concert I saw was much different, it was Merzbow, a musician from Japan who makes what is known as ‘noise music’. To plebeians such as yourselves this means that his music is literally just noise, static, feedback, etc. To me, that’s also what it is, I just happen to enjoy it. Anyhoo, I should probably stop insulting everyone’s taste in music and talk about something different before you decide the abuse isn’t worth it and stop reading.

Currently there are some sort of elections going on here. Just low level stuff. However, it has actually been quite nice because the political parties are all out around Helsinki with free coffee and sometimes free food. Whichever party gave me pea soup the other day is getting my vote. Political parties aren’t the only people giving out free stuff in Helsinki though. Ever since I’ve arrived there have been very few days without companies giving out free samples in the city. I have received shampoo, gum, dip and countless mini cans of Coke.

I have nothing else to say at the moment. Except that the escalators in the Metro are very annoying because the railing/handrest thingy moves slightly faster than the stairs, so you have to move your hand back towards your body every once in a while to avoid it running away and joining the circus or something (my hand dreams of becoming a trapeze artist).

Well, if you stuck with me through all that then you can claim your reward be clicking here to see some photos I’ve taken. Peace!



~ by end720 on October 26, 2012.

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  1. Pesky!

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