Stockholm Syndrome

Don’t worry, I haven’t been kidnapped. In this case I’m redefining Stockholm Syndrome to mean: Using only the second-hand film camera you recently bought to take pictures whilst in Stockholm. Then accidentally ruining the entire roll of film and losing all your pictures from the trip. I love my new camera, and I’m sure it takes wonderful photos, but I’ll need to learn how to use the film rewind without breaking things if I ever want to see the fruits of my labours.

Camera problems aside, my recent trip to Sweden’s capital was a great success. I took the ferry there with my host family. Admittedly I don’t know much about ferries, but I’d say this one which goes overnight between Helsinki and Stockholm is quite nice. To my inexperienced eye it seems absolutely massive, like a cruise ship. Inside there are restaurants, nightclubs, a casino, and most importantly for many people, tax-free shopping. We spent both voyages, there and back, taking advantage of the ships various amenities. There was live music to watch, a dance troupe, and karaoke (which was very interesting as most people were singing classic Finnish songs which I did not know).

The ferry arrived in Stockholm on Saturday morning, and left in the late afternoon, so we didn’t have a huge amount of time to explore the capital. We started in the Old City, full of small cobblestone streets and old, beautiful buildings. An old, historic area like that is the one thing that I think Helsinki is lacking, so it was very nice to see. The Stockholm Cathedral was a very lavish, beautiful church, which set it very much apart from Finland’s very basic, unadorned churches.

We spent much of our time shopping at the many stores all conveniently located along one massive pedestrian street. Being there with both my host mother and host sister meant that we went into every single shoe store we passed. I didn’t mind, I was busy taking pictures that would never see the light of day (actually, they saw too much of the light of day).

Only part of a day was far too short a time to spend in such an interesting, cultural city, but it was a start. On the flip-side, part of a day was far too short a time for Stockholm to have been graced by my presence.

Thanks for reading! I’m always happy (and surprised, admittedly) by how many people are reading this, and how many people are actually enjoying it and think I’m a good writer. I don’t want to insult your taste, but seriously? Thank you and whatnot!



~ by end720 on February 6, 2013.

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  1. Yes, seriously!

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